Wolf Pin, c-1979 Wood, Copper, Ceramic, Silver,

1" x 3/4"

Carving Tool : "Scorp", c-1980, Lilac, Steel

By the front door, 2014

Kissa in the yard, 2014

Vase, c-1980, Copper,

5" x 8"

Older Works

Mask, c-1979/80, Brass, Horse Hair, 10" x 28"

Selection of digital  paintings from series front porch journal. Each day for one year I created a self portrait on my front porch using an i-phone and stylus. 365 images, begun May 6, 2013, completed May 5, 2014. Each day's work  posted on social media  with commentary specific to the moment of its creation. Exhibition at University Center Gallery , University of Montana, February 2015. See the slide show of most of the paintings below.

Miscellaneous Paintings

Bowl, c-1979, Copper,

12" x 5"

Drum, c-1981, Ceramic, Hide, Cord

6" x 8 "